No Equipment Outdoor Workouts

We have an idea you might not hear often- take a break from the gym. How? Well, instead of being inside, take your work out ‘out’ and sweat outdoors without any equipment at all. Studies have shown that outdoor workouts have many benefits including stress reduction, restoring mental fatigue, and improving mood and self-esteem and perceived [...]

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5 Ways Women Can Stay Healthy

I have nothing I need to do right now- says no woman ever. As your schedules get busier, here are some helpful reminders of what you can do to stay healthy. Drink more water. Are you tired of hearing this? We understand but we can’t state it enough. There are so many benefits to drinking water. [...]

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Best Fitness Trackers for Women

Fitness tracking is a market that has noticeable competition right now. While fitness trackers may be practical for anyone to just throw on and use, rarely does form and function actually come together. Many fitness trackers are bulky or not appealing. We’ve seen many of our patients accessorize their outfits with actual fitness trackers and the [...]

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4 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Life Today

How often do you get home tired from a long day, frustrated with work, traffic, or co-workers? Our blood pressure has increased, stress levels have caused emotional, behavioral, and physical changes in us that otherwise would not be part of our normal calm day. Suffice to say that life will always throw us a curve. Some [...]

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Getting Healthy At The Park

Getting healthy and staying healthy is not always about going to the gym. Getting outdoors is just as important to get that blood pumping while you enjoy the scenery around you. So you say you’re not a runner? No problem! But you can walk, right? Take your walks to nature, and leave those urban trails behind [...]

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