Who Is More Susceptible To Chronic Pain?

Most pain goes away after an injury heals, but sometimes the pain can keep coming back for months - or even years. If you’ve ever wondered why you seem to have chronic pain more than the people around you, it may be because you are more susceptible to it. Chronic pain is a sensitivity problem, not [...]

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How Can I Get Physical Therapy?

Many people often ask us, ‘How can I get Physical Therapy?’ This is a great question and we think it is important for the community to know what needs to be done in order to receive the great benefits of Physical Therapy. In Texas, Physical Therapists have a limited form of direct access. Direct access refers [...]

What You Need to Know About Shin Splints

Shin splints is one of those old health terms that pop up from time to time, like “lumbago.” Lumbago refers to low back pain, which actually can be caused by different things. The most effective treatments of low back pain are aimed at fixing the cause of the problem. Shin splints are no different and are [...]

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What is Bursitis?

What is a Bursa? A Bursa is a fluid filled sac that is near a particular type of joint. These bursae function to decrease the friction for tendons and provide a cushion around many joints. The knee, shoulder, elbow, and hip joints all have bursae. What is Bursitis? Bursitis is a term used to describe an inflammation of [...]

Stress Fractures

Most bone fractures occur due to a traumatic or violent injury. But this is not true of all fractures. In fact, most of us have heard about stress fractures, but they remain a mystery to many. Stress fractures occur slowly, due to repetitive stresses or repeated activities. Stress fractures occur most commonly in sports and are [...]

What is an ACL Tear? Part II

We often hear about professional athletes tearing or straining their knee or “blowing out their knee.” During those sideline or post-game reports, we often hear the announcer use three letters to describe the knee injury. This leaves most of us knowing the athlete hurt their knee and they will be out for a long while. Anterior [...]

Neck Treatment – Physical Therapy Better than Medicine

Looking for a quick fix for your neck pain?  A report in US News and World Report on January 2, 2012 detailed mounting evidence for the benefit of manual physical therapy for neck treatment.  The report summarizes a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that shows that manual physical therapy of the neck resulted in [...]

What is an ACL Tear? Part I

As you read the daily sports headlines, you see many players out with an ACL tear-then you begin to ask yourself, 'what is an ACL tear and how can I avoid one'. ACL tears are common in professional and recreational sports, here are a few articles about how these injuries can impact a player: Baltimore Ravens lose [...]


What are headaches? What is the best natural method to get rid of headaches? The answers to these questions are somewhat simple. What are headaches? There are many types of headaches and each of them is a little bit different. Many people have headaches that start in the muscles or joints of the neck. The name [...]

Pain with sitting

Have you ever had pain that seemed to be caused by sitting? Have you ever thought that the chair or the position of the chair may have caused your pain? People are very different, chairs are very different, but the way we set up our chairs should be focused on placing our bodies in the best [...]

What is pain?

Pain is such a negative experience. What purpose does it serve? Pain helps to keep us out of danger. It keeps us from harming ourselves, and helps us to go through the stages of healing properly. What causes pain? Pain is a sensation caused by your nervous system, particularly your brain, which is trying to send a [...]

Back Pain and Pregnancy

Back pain and pregnancy are very common occurrences. As many as 80% of pregnant women will experience low back pain, especially during the late stages of pregnancy. Usually, the pain will be in the low back, and is probably due to a combination of carrying extra weight and hormones that act to widen the pelvis and increase the [...]

Tylenol – Slightly too much can be fatal

There are many benefits and risks when taking medication. It seems like every commercial that we see on television has a huge list of side effects and risks that include some serious and horrible sounding health risks. Many times, the benefits can outweigh the risks or side-effects. Usually, we think about these side effects when we [...]

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