Getting healthy and staying healthy is not always about going to the gym. Getting outdoors is just as important to get that blood pumping while you enjoy the scenery around you.

So you say you’re not a runner? No problem! But you can walk, right? Take your walks to nature, and leave those urban trails behind you. All throughout Texas you’ll find parks set aside for hiking, and even state and national parks can offer you the same experience. As we look to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month, we want to encourage our readers to head outdoors and find a park that fits them.

Parks of Interest in Texas

Big Bend
Big Bend is Texas’ biggest state park and located along the Texas/Mexico border adjacent to the Big Bend National Park. There are 238 miles of trails for hiking. Not that we’re asking you to do 238 miles of walking, but it’s nice to know there’s a lot of variety.

Enchanted Rock
This National Natural Landmark, located in Fredericksburg, is home to the 500-foot-high dome of pink granite. Recognized as the second largest such formation in North America it is also the oldest exposed rock in North America. Enjoy 7 miles of hiking trails and don’t forget those granite caves. This has a little something for everyone. And if you make it to the top of the dome formation, you can relax and enjoy the view for miles and miles. It’s worth it!

Lost Maples
Located 70 miles west of San Antonio, the park features a combination of steep, limestone canyons; springs; and clear streams. If you’re looking for the perfect time of year, October-November is when the leaves change and the views are breathtaking.

Palo Duro Canyon State Park
Palo Duro is home to the second-largest canyon in the country, and is known as the “The Grand Canyon of Texas”. There are 30 miles of trails specifically designed for hiking and biking. Enjoy music at some of the festivals held here, have a BBQ, and soak in the views. The park offers plenty of ways to keep you active. It’s easy to see how wonderful this park is and, for this reason, it made our list. We hope it makes yours!

Don’t Forget

Whether you’re walking your neighborhood, or walking any of the parks listed above, don’t forget that hydration is vital. Texas heat can be deceiving, and heatstroke is a real possibility. Also, to ensure that your body is ready for the walk over terrain, be sure to stretch correctly, and prep your body for the workout. If you have questions, be sure to speak to a doctor, or talk to one of our PT’s for proper stretching techniques.

If you’re experiencing pain and would like a professional opinion/assessment then sign-up for a FREE Pain Assessment. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment for you to come in and have someone take a look. Our goal is to get you healthy for life!