With more than 23,000 injuries a day in the United States, workplace injuries cost hundreds of billions of dollars a year. People suffer from back and neck pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, and various types of injuries due to overuse or overstress of their bodies. At Momentum Physical Therapy, our goal is to promote a safe and healthy workplace by focusing on your proper spinal alignment and healthy body mechanics. Healthy workplace habits save untold amounts of dollars long term – here are some physical therapy habits to adopt for a healthier work lifestyle:

workplace health programs workplace physical therapy
  • Work conditioning/training – Education and in-clinic training to help you get back to work safely.
  • Injury prevention – Learn how to help prevent repetitive stress injuries.
  • Back and neck care – Learn exercises, proper posture and body mechanics techniques to prevent back and neck pain.
  • Ergonomic analysis – Assessment of your current living environment is used to design a treatment plan to assist you in getting back to your daily life.
  • Functional capacity evaluations – Thorough examinations designed to assess your functional capacity in order to allow you to safely return to work.

Ergonomics – Not Just About Posture

Using proper posture and body mechanics are important aspects of ergonomics, but they are not the only things needed to ensure a good ergonomic work environment. Utilizing the most efficient layout and optimal placement of all work-related equipment; such as computer equipment, comfortable chairs, desk and other work-related furnishings; are all equally important aspects of ergonomics.

At Momentum Physical Therapy, we have helped thousands of people with work-related pain and injuries. There’s an excellent chance we can help you too. Call us or request an appointment today to get started!

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