Elbow pain makes it difficult to enjoy both work and play. Pain from osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, injury or more can complicate everyday tasks from doing laundry to walking the dog. Momentum Physical Therapy provides patients in San Antonio and the surrounding areas with custom physical therapy treatment for fast elbow pain relief. Visit one of our 13 locations today to get started and get back to doing the things you love! Below are some of the main causes and symptoms for elbow pain:

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  • Sports or overuse injuries
  • Pain, numbness or tingling
  • Sprains or trauma
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendinitis

San Antonio Physical Therapy for Elbow Pain Relief

Elbow conditions come in many forms, and affect anyone, regardless of their lifestyle. Whether it’s because of an injury like tennis elbow or the result of overuse through repetitive motions, elbow pain can make even the simplest of daily tasks a challenge. Physical therapy treatments can help you regain strength and overcome pain so you can get back to the activities you love pain-free. Don’t leave your recovery to chance – call your nearest Momentum Physical Therapy today for expert elbow pain relief from our experienced physical therapists.

elbow pain relief

Elbow Pain Relief with Momentum Physical Therapy

Our experienced San Antonio physical therapists at have gone through years of specialized training to help you manage pain, avoid surgery, and find long-lasting relief for your pain. They will educate you on self-care to help improve your work life with proven techniques. Individualized therapeutic exercise plans and manual therapy will help to alleviate your pain and reduce stiffness so you can get back in the game, back to work, and back to enjoying the things you love once more.

At Momentum Physical Therapy, we offer a variety of rehabilitation services, such as sports rehabilitation, manual therapy and much more. Schedule a consultation today!

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