With the passing of House Bill 29 back in 2019, Physical Therapy Direct Access is still fairly new. It is very common for questions to arise with any type of new medical system and Direct Access is not different. We have gathered some frequently asked questions and answered them all here. If you have any further questions feel free to contact us or any of our 12 locations!

How long can I visit a Physical Therapist with Direct Access?

You are allowed up to 10 consecutive business days. But your Physical Therapist must have a doctoral degree in physical therapy or completed a minimum of 30 continuing competence activities in the area of differential diagnosis. Or up to 15 days if your Physical Therapist has a doctoral degree in physical therapy and completed a residency or fellowship.

How do I know if my Physical Therapist qualifies for Direct Access?

Be clear and ask to clarify whether your Physical Therapist passed the criteria above. All of the Physical Therapists here at Momentum Physical Therapy are qualified for Direct Access patients.

What happens if/when I go over my allotted time in Physical Therapy?

In the event that you need more time for treatment either you, or our team, can reach out to your Primary Care Physician for a referral.

Will my insurance still cover my therapy if I am not referred?

In most cases, yes your insurance will cover your physical therapy. But we recommend still checking with your insurance provider.

Will Medicare, or Medicaid, cover my therapy with Direct Access?

Medicare will cover your treatment with Direct Access. But there is one key difference. To take advantage of your Medicare Benefits you must also be under the care of a Physician. This means that you are allowed to utilize Direct Access but your Physician must certify that your Physical Therapist has developed a Plan Of Care (POC).

Medicaid plans are largely covering telehealth visits but coverage always varies from plan to plan. Call our office and we can verify your benefits so you know if telehealth is covered.

Can my Physical Therapist communicate with my Primary Care Physician?

Yes, we want to keep an open line of contact with your Primary Care Physician.