I have nothing I need to do right now- says no woman ever. As your schedules get busier, here are some helpful reminders of what you can do to stay healthy.

Drink more water. Are you tired of hearing this? We understand but we can’t state it enough. There are so many benefits to drinking water. Water is responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism. It assists with transportation and absorption of vitamins. Water helps supports the immune system. Think water is boring- try infusing your water with strawberries, lime, or mint!

When you don’t drink enough water, you can become dehydrated. Dehydration can lead to impaired nerve and muscle function, which will eventually impact coordination, and thus hinder performance.

Exercise regularly. Make a plan and put it on your schedule. It doesn’t need to be intense. It just needs to be regular. You can go for a walk regularly, get your family to do something active together, like visiting the local zoo or hiking path, or try something new and exciting like indoor cycling. Make it fun and have fun regularly.

If you aren’t sure if you are getting enough exercise, consider wearing an activity tracker so you can measure what your body is doing on a daily basis. Then, you can adjust accordingly.

Reduce stress. Stress is a leading cause of many health issues. Often times for women wearing many hats, we may not even realize that stress is catching up to us because we are so busy. Make sure you make time for yourself and that could include a yoga class, a leisure walk, or devoting time to your hobby. Read more about how to manage stress on our website.

Get enough sleep. Sleep has an impact on your overall wellbeing. In our digital age, one of the biggest culprits of not getting enough sleep is not unplugging from social media. How many times have you said, “I’ll just check Facebook for a minute” and an hour later you’re still awake in bed? We know it’s easier said than done but make a sleep schedule and stick to it. Your body needs sleep to reset, repair, and regenerate. iPhones have a bedtime setting that allows you to input the time you need to wake up, how many hours of sleep you want, and then it alerts you when it’s time for bed.

Stay healthy from the inside out. Eat nutritious food. It sounds simple but we know it can be challenging for busy women. Resist the drive-thru meals as much as possible. Take time to plan your meals to become more aware of your vegetable intake- if you are packing school lunches, pack a couple extra baggies of fruit and healthy snacks for you. We have a few posts with nutritious recipes for you to get started on making small changes to your daily diet.

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Staying healthy is about a lifestyle. There will be bad days, even bad weeks. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Each day brings a new opportunity to try again.