At Momentum, we strive to always support each other and always consider the needs of our teammates and patients with everything we do. This is because we value our team and believe that we are a better team when we support each other. No one believed that more strongly than Lindsay.

We are heartbroken to announce the passing of Lindsay Zalesak after a long battle with cancer on January 29, 2023. She was responsible for bringing joy to so many people —not only to our team but also to our patients and the community.

Lindsay’s favorite part of her work was her patients, and she was known for compassionately, empathetically, and genuinely caring deeply for their well-being.

Lindsay was an active learner and was always striving to learn and develop new skills so that she could offer even more to her patients. She was working her way towards becoming a certified hand therapist, which included learning everything there is to know about rehabilitation of the hand, elbow, and shoulder. Lindsay’s skills developed quickly, and she learned how to make just about every “splint” or “orthosis” possible, and this included the most intricately and delicately designed creations. Lindsay was a highly regarded hand therapist and was trusted by numerous hand surgeons who would refer patients to her specifically.

Much like many of her colleagues at Momentum Physical Therapy, Lindsay also had skills as an orthopedic therapist. She could go back and forth between treating a difficult hand patient and then helping other patients who might be suffering from back pain, recovering from knee surgery, or even helping an athlete return to sport.

Outside of her work, Lindsay loved spending time outdoors, hiking and biking, and had even invested in a kayak.

Lindsay frequently went above and beyond for others, often volunteering her time, taking time out of her day to help just about anyone, and helping to plan social gatherings for the Med Center clinic. She loved crafting, cooking, and many of her creations were renowned and celebrated, whether she was making hundreds of snacks that were always themed for a party, carving an intricate pumpkin design, or just doodling something with a dry erase marker on the window in the PT office.

Her eye for detail didn’t stop there. Lindsay also enjoyed stocking up on multiple costumes for different Halloween parties. Lindsay’s favorite holiday was Halloween. She also loved just about all Marvel and Star Wars movies. One year, she combined her favorite holiday with her passion for Marvel by dressing up in an unforgettable Deadpool costume.

We will remember her smiling face, her joy and her unbridled love of everything hot pink – especially unicorns and flamingos. Lindsay was loved, and her joy and passion impacted the lives of many people. She will be remembered fondly and her memory will live on since – as Luke Skywalker said in The Last Jedi, “No one’s ever really gone.”