Fitness tracking is a market that has noticeable competition right now. While fitness trackers may be practical for anyone to just throw on and use, rarely does form and function actually come together. Many fitness trackers are bulky or not appealing. We’ve seen many of our patients accessorize their outfits with actual fitness trackers and the industry has started providing options to change colors, band styles, and more, so that this segment of the market is comfortable wearing their tracker all day.

So we’re focused on tackling the big question that many men and women are asking. Which are the most stylish to wear? Prompted by not wanting to wear something they need to remember to take off and then put back on (chances are you will forget to even put it back on), they want something that fits their style.

We’re going to start with the ladies first.

Staying Healthy In Style

Bella Beat

Bellabeat’s Leaf fitness tracker comes in a beautiful design that looks more like jewelry than an actual piece of hardware that’s monitoring your health. Women have the option to wear it as a necklace or bracelet, and itwill still track the basic fitness metrics to include: sleep, steps, activity. It also tracks stress levels and menstrual cycles. This holistic approach to health is appealing to women while the tracker itself remains truly feminine.

This device can connect to your mobile device to monitor how you are doing over time. Which is nice because nowadays, if it doesn’t connect to our mobile devices, do we even consider it?

Up3 Jawbone

The Jawbone Up3 comes in as a heavy hitter in the fitness tracker business. Jawbone is known for their Bluetooth headsets that everyone HAD to have a few years ago, but today they are creating stylish trackers for those looking to accessorize.

The Jawbone can measure the usual metrics such as distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, sleep tracking, and heart health, to name a few. With its connection to the app, it allows for more robust data tracking such as food and drinkintake and moods.

FitBit by Tory Burch

Fitbit is probably one of the most recognizable names in fitness trackers. Their Flex model is one of the most popular trackers on the market. It tracks all the necessary information you’d expect from any fitness tracker, connects to mobile devices, syncs wirelessly (no need to tether your device to a computer), and has LED lights that indicate your progress throughout the day.

Take all of that, and now match it with the style and popularity of Tory Burch, and this collaboration is sure to get people talking. The Fitbit Flex slides right into the accessory that transforms your tracker into a thing of beauty. You can select from rose gold, gold, and silver, along with leather, to go with just about any outfit.

If you’re not tracking your daily fitness, these trackers are a great way to begin. The price of these trackers has come down drastically and with so many options, you can find the one that’s best for you.

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