Best Fitness Trackers for Men

Everyone has those days where they feel like they walked uphill everywhere they go- it’s time to log those steps so you can keep track of them! There are multiple fitness trackers for ment out there and men at different levels of physical fitness prefer different features in their fitness trackers. Some men are multi-sport athletes [...]

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Momentum named “Practice of the Year” by ADVANCE Rehab Magazine

Momentum Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab has recently been awarded the “Practice of the Year” award by ADVANCE Rehab Magazine. Momentum will be a spotlight feature in the December edition of the magazine. The feature will highlight Momentum’s ability to serve the San Antonio and surrounding communities while maintaining excellent care standards for their patients and [...]

Chad Elms Interviewed About Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Preparation Tips

Momentum Physical Therapy was proud and excited to be featured on Fox News last week.  They did a piece on prepping for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon coming up in November. Below is more information about the stretches discussed on the interview above. Racing with Momentum Special to NSIDE Making a decision to run a marathon [...]

Neck Treatment – Physical Therapy Better than Medicine

Looking for a quick fix for your neck pain?  A report in US News and World Report on January 2, 2012 detailed mounting evidence for the benefit of manual physical therapy for neck treatment.  The report summarizes a study in the Annals of Internal Medicine that shows that manual physical therapy of the neck resulted in [...]

What is an ACL Tear? Part I

As you read the daily sports headlines, you see many players out with an ACL tear-then you begin to ask yourself, 'what is an ACL tear and how can I avoid one'. ACL tears are common in professional and recreational sports, here are a few articles about how these injuries can impact a player: Baltimore Ravens lose [...]

Pain with sitting

Have you ever had pain that seemed to be caused by sitting? Have you ever thought that the chair or the position of the chair may have caused your pain? People are very different, chairs are very different, but the way we set up our chairs should be focused on placing our bodies in the best [...]

What is pain?

Pain is such a negative experience. What purpose does it serve? Pain helps to keep us out of danger. It keeps us from harming ourselves, and helps us to go through the stages of healing properly. What causes pain? Pain is a sensation caused by your nervous system, particularly your brain, which is trying to send a [...]

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