When a headache strikes, most people cite stress, dehydration or allergies as the cause of their pain. What they don’t realize is that a muscle spasm, a stiff joint, bad posture or more may be the cause of their chronic headaches. Our San Antonio physical therapists will identify the source of the pain and work to alleviate it through manual therapy and prescribed exercises. They work one-on-one with patients to treat and educate them for lifelong relief. Below are several causes of chronic headaches that physical therapy can help to relieve.

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  • Neck problems
  • Jaw problems
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Overworked muscles
  • Poor posture

Why Physical Therapy For Headaches?

Improved neck mobility, increased muscle strength and improved posture are only a few of the benefits of choosing physical therapy to treat your recurring headaches. By strengthening your body and the muscles that support your neck, back and good posture, you can find relief from headache pain. Our physical therapists will also recommend modifications to your everyday life to help improve poor posture and other causes of headaches.

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San Antonio Physical Therapy for Headache Relief

By reproducing or alleviating symptoms through manual therapy, our expertly trained physical therapists will locate the underlying source of your headaches and individualize a treatment plan to relieve your pain quickly. Through education and targeted exercises, you will strengthen your body, build healthier habits, and find relief from your headaches. If you suffer from chronic headaches, San Antonio physical therapy may be the solution to your pain. Contact Momentum Physical Therapy today to schedule a consultation with a physical therapist today! We offer a variety of rehabilitation services, such as sports rehabilitation, manual therapy and much more!

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