No Equipment Outdoor Workouts

We have an idea you might not hear often- take a break from the gym. How? Well, instead of being inside, take your work out ‘out’ and sweat outdoors without any equipment at all. Studies have shown that outdoor workouts have many benefits including stress reduction, restoring mental fatigue, and improving mood and self-esteem and perceived [...]

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5 Easy Ways For Men to Stay Healthy

Obesity, hypertension, and heart disease are three top issues that affect men’s health today. Men often make their health a low priority due to the lack of awareness of their own health or due to their busy lives. There are a few adjustments that men can make to help them stay healthy. If you’ve heard them [...]

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Stress Management and Response

You know what it’s like to wake up late for work, rush through your shower, rush through getting dressed, and then rush through traffic? What about a missed appointment, a meal that did not come out as you ordered it, even something as simple as a commercial or TV show you don’t like playing on your [...]

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5 Physical Therapy Tips To Keep You Healthy

Physical therapy is about living a happy, healthy life free of pain. Our team works with each patient to provide personalized plans for every patient. These plans are put together with a lot of thought and consideration and since every patient is different, no two plans are the same. When we say "we get you healthy [...]

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4 Ways To Improve Your Quality of Life Today

How often do you get home tired from a long day, frustrated with work, traffic, or co-workers? Our blood pressure has increased, stress levels have caused emotional, behavioral, and physical changes in us that otherwise would not be part of our normal calm day. Suffice to say that life will always throw us a curve. Some [...]

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Top Issues Impacting Men’s Health

The month of June is set aside for focusing on Men's Health. At Momentum we focus on working with patients to get them healthy for life. The approach to this idea is that we want our patients to enjoy life, and never feel like they have to sit on the sidelines because of any chronic or [...]

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Water Matters

Summertime in San Antonio means one thing is certain, triple digit heat. With summer quickly approaching, the temperatures are already slowly climbing into the low 90’s. As the weather warms up we also see an increase in people going outdoors for a walk, jog, hike, bike ride, or to play recreational sports with the office or [...]

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Have A Healthy Heart For Life

Our goal of keeping our patients happy and healthy for life is more than just recovering from injury or pain. Our team of experts can work with our patients on a personalized workout plan for weight loss, share great healthy recipes for soups and healthy recipes for snacks, even ways to manage stress or have a [...]

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Cervicogenic Headaches: Explained

Headaches are very common and seem to pop-up out of nowhere at times. These pains can be very easy to get rid of or tend to hang around for a bit. One of the most common types of headaches is the Cervicogenic type. What Are Cervicogenic Headaches? There are many types of headaches and each of [...]

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