What Our Client’s Have to Say

The testimonials on this page are not paid endorsements. We thank these clients for taking the time to tell us about their experiences.

Momentum Physical Therapy Collage

Before I started physical therapy I couldn’t pick up my flyer for cheerleading, and I couldn’t tumble or pick up my arm all the way; but now that I’ve been through physical therapy I feel a lot better and I can do all the things that I couldn’t do. If I ever get hurt again I would definitely choose physical therapy at Momentum Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab.


I came in with hip pain and left without it! The friendliness and courtesy of the staff made each visit fun and worth while. I would recommend this place to any family or friends any day. I have seen other physical therapist in the past and the best are here!


When I first showed up here my back pain was very hard to deal with and the pain kept me up at night and sometimes I couldn’t move at all.After my first 3 visits, my back pain decreased dramatically and gave me some of my freedom back! My therapist, Liz, was extremely helpful! Now I am completely healed, my back no longer hurts, and the therapists and staff here are just awesome! They always greeted me with a warm welcome! Thank you guys!


It is a pleasure to say lots of good things about Momentum. Like: I have no pain, I can drive again, and I feel great! This is all because of the very competent and knowledgeable therapists at Momentum. The assistants have to be complimented as well. A BIG thank you for keeping me out of the operating room for the umpteenth time! May God bless you all!


I just wanted to thank the entire staff at this facility. Their service and knowledge was outstanding! Chad explained the process of physical therapy really well, and also set expectations to help get me back to 100%. I’m really grateful and happy for deciding to come to this facility, and would definitely recommend you guys to friends and family. Thanks again for your help and support.


My experience with Momentum Physical Therapy was great! The staff was great, addressed my problem, and explained everything clearly. I will refer all my friends and family!


When I first arrived at physical therapy, I was in extreme pain. I was unable to sleep at night, turn my head from side to side, or look down at my computer, or look up to put on mascara. Chad did a wonderful job of diagnosing exactly where the pain was originating and then treating me through adjustments, soft tissue massage, and stretches/exercises. My pain is gone! I’m sleeping through the night and am able to do all tasks I could before my injury. Thank you!


The medicine prescribed helped with the immediate pain, however physical therapy has helped me get back to my usual self. The medicine could not take away the stiffness in my back but the exercises provided at PT could. Thank you to Chad and the rest of the staff who were all extremely nice and helpful.


I’m pregnant and had been experiencing a lot of hip pain. Although more than likely it would go away after the birth, I was at my maximum intake of Tylenol allowed. After my treatments started with Mike B., my therapist, there was a dramatic improvement. He even fixed a problem with my lower back that I’d been having for years. I’ve been recommending PT to everyone.


The PTs are very friendly and professional. They’re always on time and do a great job at explaining the therapy exercises. I also appreciate the very clean facility and the efficient and helpful staff.