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5 Easy Ways For Men to Stay Healthy

Obesity, hypertension, and heart disease are three top issues that affect men’s health today. Men often make their health a low priority due to the lack of awareness of their own health or due to their busy lives. There are a few adjustments that men can make to help them stay healthy. If you’ve heard them [...]

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Top Issues Impacting Men’s Health

The month of June is set aside for focusing on Men's Health. At Momentum we focus on working with patients to get them healthy for life. The approach to this idea is that we want our patients to enjoy life, and never feel like they have to sit on the sidelines because of any chronic or [...]

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5 Ways For Men To Stay Healthy

It's not unusual to hear of men not going for their regular doctor visits. Unless there are strong reminders from family members or wives, it's not uncommon for men to wait until pain is unbearable or something is terribly wrong. We do not advocate waiting until either of these scenarios. Our team prides itself in working [...]

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