Our goal of keeping our patients happy and healthy for life is more than just recovering from injury or pain. Our team of experts can work with our patients on a personalized workout plan for weight loss, share great healthy recipes for soups and healthy recipes for snacks, even ways to manage stress or have a better traveling experience.

At the core of your body is your heart, and it’s vital that we keep that going long and strong for an improved quality of life. Luckily, it does not take much to keep your heart healthy, and our team can definitely work with you on this as well. In celebration of Healthy Heart Month, we will share some key insights in order to keep you and your heart happy.

Healthy Heart Tips

1. Reduce Stress
Stress is like a slow burn that hurts your heart over time. It can also make an impact on state of mind, mood, and impact performance in your life, both personal and professional. One thing to remember is that stress will happen, that’s life. But the problem is not the circumstance, but rather the response to the stress. Approaching everything calmly and logically can provide more solutions to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

2. Watch What You Eat
No matter what you may think, it’s impossible to outrun a bad diet. Even if you are young, a bad diet can internally take its toll on your body. As we get older, it’s even more important that we work to reduce or even eliminate saturated and trans fats from your diet. Keep it as fresh as possible and you’ll be doing yourself a great service.

3. Reduce Blood Pressure
An interesting point to this is that there are multiple factors that play a role in reducing this heart killer. When you factor in diet, exercise, and stress management, it’s easy to see how vital all of the other components are for a healthy heart. By following the heart healthy tips recommended here, you are doing a great job at keeping yourself healthy and strong.

4. Sleep Is Vital
The body needs sleep. Staying up late does the body no good. A full night’s sleep, of at least seven hours is great for your heart. Change your life habits to ensure that your body has the proper time to repair, relax, rebuild, and reset for the challenges of a new day.

Like anything else you will start, it’s important to understand this takes a team. So be sure to consult your personal physician, and our PT’s to make it all come together.

If you are currently experiencing pain and would like a professional opinion/assessment, sign-up for a FREE Pain Assessment. We will then contact you to schedule an appointment for you to come in and have someone take a look. Our goal is to get you healthy for life!