Meet Willam Person, PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, and Momentum Physical Therapy’s June Staff Spotlight!

What got you interested in Physical Therapy?

“I had an accident when I was in high school and had to attend PT for wound care. It wasn’t much fun as debriding the wounds meant they had to come in contact with live tissue. I was a typical teenager and was a handful as a patient but my PT worked on making the best of it. My interactions with her made a lasting impression.”

You are Momentum’s Director of Clinical Education as well as an adjunct faculty member at the UT Health Physical Therapy School. Tell us about your interest in educating our future PTs.

“I was blessed to have several wonderful professors and mentors over the years who took an interest in my education before, during and after PT school. Becoming part of that process is a way of thanking those who were there for me. And watching PT students grow from nervous first-year students to competent clinicians by the time they graduate is very rewarding.

You are a Fellow of the Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists. Can you tell us what that means for patients who come to see you?

“Going through The Manual Therapy Institute was like PT school on steroids. Yes, I learned how to do joint manipulations but it was so much more. MTI uses current best evidence with a model to describe how changes in function contribute to restricted movement and pain. This model taught me to focus on the cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms allowing for an effective treatment plan.”

You recently were certified in Dry Needling. Can you tell us about what that means and how you use dry needling to help your patients?

“Dry needling is definitely more than needling “trigger points”. Peri-neural and peri-vascular dry needling allow for improved treatment of numerous neuromusculoskeletal conditions. The literature supports combining dry needling with manual therapy for the effective treatment of pain and disability for a variety of conditions.”

“Why should patients come to Momentum Physical Therapy vs other physical therapy providers in the area?

“Momentum was founded by PTs who wanted to provide remarkable experiences for their patients. Over the years, we have grown from one clinic out in Helotes to 12 clinics in and around San Antonio that continues to be true.”

What should new team members expect when they come to work at Momentum Physical Therapy?

“An environment that fosters growth both personal and professional. There is a reason that Momentum has been voted a Top Work Place in San Antonio multiple times.”

Tell us a fun, PT-related fact about you.

“I got to meet Bum Phillips when I was working at a local hospital. There was a group of people wearing Saints gear visiting a patient; I struck up a conversation with one of them asking if they were from my hometown. Turns out their dad used to coach for the Saints with Bum and that their brother was a current coach for them. So, they introduced me to Coach Phillips when he came that day.”

Tell us a fun, non-PT-related fact about you. 

“I’m a ‘biker’! I have been riding motorcycles for 25 years or so. I belong to a group called Knights on Bikes…we belong to the Knights of Columbus and come from all over San Antonio. We ride together for fellowship and we assist with charitable works in our communities.”

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