Meet Chris Goodwin, PT, DBT, The Vice President of Operations leading the Medical Center clinic, and this month’s Staff Spotlight!

Tell us something about your upbringing that you still remember fondly today.

“Growing up, our family vacations were the highlight of each year. The five of us would pack into the station wagon and drive across the country, stopping to camp and see the sights along the way. Hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, etc. were the activities we enjoyed as a family. Learning about tracking animals from my dad and about botany from my mom were lessons I still remember today.”

What is your favorite thing about being a PT?

“The ability to help people overcome obstacles in their lives. Helping patients feel better, move better, and do better!”

What are some phrases you use that just about any patient you have treated will remember… maybe for life!?

“You’ve got to move to improve!”

You are the Vice President of Operations, leading the Medical Center clinic but also leading many of Momentum’s clinic directors who manage their own clinics. What do you aim to provide to the people you lead?

“I always tell my team that the only reason I am here is to make their jobs better. Helping directors to investigate and plan improvements to iron out any wrinkles in their clinic is the highlight of my work.”

Why should patients come to Momentum Physical Therapy vs other physical therapy providers in the area?

“Patients will not find a group of highly skilled and trained therapists who care as much as we do.”

What should new team members expect when they come to work at Momentum Physical Therapy?

“We have a fun, team-oriented atmosphere and work together to provide a caring and healing environment for our patients.”

Tell us a fun, PT-related fact about you.

“There is very little in the PT world that I have not done or tried over the last 29 years. I’ve worked in
orthopedic, manual, industrial, home health, nursing home, acute care, pediatric, and neurologic care. And I am always striving to learn and experience more!”

Tell us a fun, non-PT-related fact about you.

“My happy place is at the bottom of a puppy pile. I am most satisfied sitting with my dogs snuggled up
with me, reading, watching TV, or just relaxing.”

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