Shelby’s dad was so happy we were able to help alleviate his daughter’s pain that he volunteered to share her story with us here. We are thrilled we were given the opportunity to help this adorable young lady get healthy and get back to doing what she loves.

I was introduced to Momentum Physical Therapy last year when my 9 year old daughter, Shelby, was diagnosed with an extremely painful nerve disorder called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in her left foot. Our doctor recommended we start therapy ASAP, but I wasn’t willing to send my daughter to just anyone for therapy based on the rarity of her disorder and her high level of pain.

I expressed my concern to the staff at Momentum and they paired Shelby up with an incredible therapist named Chris Goodwin. As far as I’m concerned, there is no better therapist in the city for dealing with this kind of pain. He understood what Shelby was going through and he actually cared about helping her. Through his passion and persistence, he had Shelby walking again in a matter of weeks and her pain went into remission.

There is no cure for this disorder and after about 6 months the pain came back in Shelby’s entire right leg this time. I immediately contacted Momentum and asked if Chris would be available to help us out again. Even though his primary responsibility is management of Momentum’s operations, he took time out of his busy schedule to work with Shelby again and she was back in remission within 2 weeks.

As a parent, I can’t tell you how much it means to have someone help your child when she is suffering with debilitating pain. Throughout Shelby’s recovery she worked with several different therapists at Momentum and they are all amazing! We feel truly blessed to have met Chris and we would like to thank the entire staff at Momentum for being so accommodating to my daughter. I wholeheartedly recommend Momentum to anyone in need of physical therapy…they are a wonderful organization!