Did you know that you can help yourself and your fellow Texans? Read on and sign the petition below to do your duty as a citizen of our great state.

Every Texan has an opportunity to create a better healthcare environment that will actually help save millions in healthcare dollars in our great state. Accessing physical therapy care currently requires an order from a medical doctor. Accessing physical therapy care first has been proven to save time and money! Forty other states allow consumers to begin physical therapy treatment without a referral. This means that 188 million Americans have better access to care than Texans. Texas should be a leader in the healthcare arena, not the last one to give Texans a right they deserve. Multiple studies, in those direct access states, have shown states that had direct access to physical therapy care experienced better care and reduced health care costs.

In our previous blog post “Try Physical Therapy First,” we referenced an article that showed some great supporting evidence for physical therapy direct access.

Click on this link and sign this petition for direct access for physical therapy in Texas.