3 Ways To Relieve Back Pain While Pregnant

Back pain and pregnancy are very common occurrences. As many as 80% of pregnant women will experience low back pain, especially during the late stages of pregnancy. Usually, the pain will be in the low back and is probably due to a combination of carrying extra weight and hormones that act to widen the pelvis and [...]

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Tylenol – Slightly Too Much Can Be Fatal

There are many benefits and risks when taking medication. It seems like every commercial that we see on television has a huge list of side effects and risks that include some serious and horrible sounding health risks. Many times, the benefits can outweigh the risks or side effects. Usually, we think about these side effects when [...]

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Headache – Migraines and Exercise

Good news for migraine headache sufferers!  No longer must you suffer in silence in a dark room with your rescue medications, afraid to do anything for fear of worsening your headache.  Recent research from Sweden shows that regular exercise can help.  Exercise, medications, and relaxation techniques were all equally effective in decreasing the rate of migraines. [...]

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What is Physical Therapy?

If you asked a therapist what Physical Therapy is, they would tell you it is the art and science of helping people get out of pain, get moving again, and get back to their lives. Physical therapists find the root source of your pain or symptoms and work on those symptoms with specifically targeted exercises, a [...]

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