Momentum Physical Therapy is happy to announce that we have reopened our Bandera Fitness Gym located inside of our Bandera, TX location on Monday, May 18, 2020. After being shut down by Executive Order GA-08 (we closed on March 18, 2020), we were able to open up again due to the recently announced  Executive Order GA-21. 

An Executive Order issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on May 5, 2020, cleared the way for us to open the gym, but included some restrictions we will need to follow to remain open. We must remind all of our gym members that we also operate a physical therapy clinic in the same building where Bandera Fitness is located. Beyond those Executive Order restrictions, there are some additional precautions we are taking in order to keep staff, patients and gym members safe. Below is a list of operational changes effective Monday, May 18, 2020:

Executive Order Conditions:

  • 25% Capacity Restriction – This means that we can only allow 25% of our building’s total capacity, as established by the local Fire Marshal, at one time.
  • No Use of Locker Rooms or Showers – Our restrooms will be open for normal use, but showers and lockers are closed.

Momentum Physical Therapy Precautions

Other precautions we are taking to follow the Executive Order, CDC guidelines, and keep our Physical Therapy patients (who are treated in the same building), staff, and gym members as safe as possible:

  • Gym Members May Attend On an “Appointment Only” Basis – We will use sign-up sheets so gym members will be able to reserve their appointment times to come to the gym. This will allow us to ensure compliance with the Executive Order AND reduce the possibility of gym members being turned away at the door in order to keep us at or below the 25% threshold.
  • Gym Members Must Sanitize Equipment After Each Use – This was already a policy in our gym, but will be strictly enforced moving forward. There will be bottles of sanitizer, paper towels, and pre-moistened sanitizing wipes at various stations throughout the gym.
  • Gym Members Must Maintain Distance of Greater Than 6 Feet from any Person* At All Times – Social Distancing is a recommendation we are following at all of our locations and will be strictly enforced at Bandera Fitness. Failure to maintain appropriate social distance will first result in warnings, but repeated infractions may result in the gym member being removed from the facility.
    • *Does not apply to those living in your same household.
  • Gym Members Are Encouraged to Wear Masks – This is a recommendation we are following at all of our locations. If a gym member has difficulty breathing, or if wearing a mask creates any sort of risk to the gym member’s health, the gym member should not wear a mask.

Should our gym members have any questions about the gym OR need assistance reserving their gym time, please call us at (830) 796-3447 (option 3).

Thank You,

Momentum Physical Therapy & Bandera Fitness