Within 72 hours after the federal government relaxed restrictions on providing telehealth physical therapy, our team stood up a telehealth program to help serve Momentum patients who cannot make it to one of our clinics.

Momentum now offers patients at all of our locations the ability to utilize a telehealth option to receive physical therapy!

How do I take advantage of this option?

Current or future patients simply contact your Momentum clinic and let them know you are interested in utilizing the telehealth option to receive physical therapy.

Will my insurance cover this service?

Momentum will verify your benefits with your insurance provider to find out the answer for you.

Most private insurances will cover a telehealth visit. CMS recently announced that Medicare patients will have access to the telehealth option as well! Some insurances (Aetna, for example) are even waiving patient deductibles and co-pays for the telehealth option! Tricare, Veteran’s Administration (VA), United Health Care, Well Med, Humana, UHS, Align Networks – One Call, and Care IQ – Corvel, many Worker’s Comp carriers, and most personal injury cases involving LOPs (letters of protection) are all covering this service.*

*As insurance policies change and we learn more, we will update this page to reflect the most up to date information.

Will I need to come into the office at all?

The short answer to this question is no. However, if you would like to start your treatment by coming into the office for your evaluation and then transitioning to a telehealth program, that is available too. We assure you that coming into our offices is a very safe option and we are taking steps to ensure all of our patients and staff are safe and protected. Click this link to learn more about what we are doing to keep our offices a safe place to visit.

What do I need for a telehealth visit?

Each patient will need a few things to begin telehealth physical therapy:

  • Internet access
  • A device with a camera and audio capabilities where they can access their email accounts (computer, tablet, phone)
  • Some space to exercise (can be a small room or space)
  • Will need to have their picture ID (driver’s license is fine) to show their provider to start care
  • Will need to sign a consent form or send their consent via email to allow us to start care

What will my sessions consist of?

Momentum telehealth physical therapy sessions will typically last between 30-40 minutes and will include all regular components of a normal physical therapy visit except for manual therapy and any modalities (such as heat, electrical stimulation, ice, etc…), which can only be delivered in person.

Some of these normal components of physical therapy visits include:

Outcome Measurement Tools – These will be emailed to each patient ahead of time.

Subjective Exam – This is the interview portion of the treatment session and is vital to understanding the patient’s condition.

Objective Exam – This is where the physical therapist measures the patient’s ability. Yes, this can still be done with the therapist observing large motions, having the patient position themselves to where the therapist can measure specific degrees of motion from the screen, observing the patient’s ability to move a body part through full range of motion against gravity, and many other very creative ways to record data points.

Treatment – This will involve pre-testing of abilities to perform certain exercises and motions that have been determined to be helpful to improving the patient’s impairments and function. The therapist will also be able to provide guidance on functional movements in order to help patients avoid poor mechanics during important activities. The therapist will provide instruction and test the patient’s ability to perform their home exercise program, a very important piece of any therapy program (whether in person or via telehealth). This portion of the treatment also includes instruction on specific exercises to improve mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance, and stability. Your therapist will also be able to send you links to videos, provide written instructions, and provide other resources to help you understand all the things we can do to help you get healthy.

Assessment and Planning – These are crucial components to any therapy plan of care and this does not change when using the telehealth platform. Your therapist will evaluate your ability to complete movements, exercises, and all activities during every session. Adjustments to the program will be made during each session as well. Ideally, these changes are going to be primarily increasing the difficulty of the activity as you make positive gains through your therapy program, but they may also include changing up the program if you are in more pain than usual, are more fatigued than usual, or are unable to complete an activity safely or correctly for any reason. Progress notes will be completed as well and those will include measuring and reporting using assessment tools as well as objective measures mentioned above.

How long will telehealth be available?

Currently, this is a temporary option during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we are hopeful the telehealth option will remain in place after this passes.

What do I do next?

Call any Momentum Physical Therapy clinic to get your appointment scheduled, ask questions, or have us check to see if your insurance covers telehealth physical therapy!

Stay safe! Wash your hands! And comply with all orders issued by governing bodies wherever you live!