Whether you typically frequent your gym or are looking to make good on those 2020 resolutions, this can feel like a hard time to prioritize your fitness. The idea of exercise is to better yourself, mind and body. This is more important now than ever before. During times of heightened stress, caring for your body becomes non-negotiable.

Knowing gyms are temporarily closed and many people are experiencing more time at home than usual, Momentum has put together an at-home, equipment-free workout you can do right now!

Note:  If you find yourself unable to take on these exercises due to pain, an existing injury or a long-term physical limitation, consider contacting us. A Physical Therapist can work with you on proper form, and injury prevention, especially understanding where you might currently be experiencing pain and working within those limits. As with any workout routine, please be sure you consult with a Medical Doctor to begin a workout routine.


CrunchsThis exercise has been the cornerstone of ab workouts for many years. Lay on your back on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Either cross your arms across your chest or place your hands behind your head with elbows extended to each side. Lift your shoulders off the ground while focusing on contracting your abs. Hold for one or two seconds then slowly lower back to the ground. We’re all familiar with these, but be mindful of your breathing. Exhale with each lift off the ground and inhale on your way back down. If using your arms behind your head, be sure to not pull your head forward with your arms.


Push UpsRemember gym class? There is a reason why pushups were so important. This simple exercise works so much more than the arms. Be prepared to feel the burn in your shoulders, core, and all your stabilizing muscles as you lower yourself down and push yourself back up. For those who might struggle to do a set of pushups right now, consider modifying by placing your knees on the ground to start. Be sure you are not holding your breath while doing this exercise.


Wall Sits

Wall SitThis exercise really works your quads and legs in a great way. Place your back against a wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Slowly slide down the wall until you’ve reached a sitting position, making a 90 degree angle with your knees. If you cannot get all the way to a 90 degree angle, that’s fine. Just do what you are able to do safely. Since you are essentially sitting without the support of a chair, it won’t take long for you to feel your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core muscles all activate to keep you in a sitting position. If you want to add a bit of an added challenge, once you’re comfortable with the standard wall sit, try holding some weights in your arms or even cross one leg over the other for a single leg wall sit. The added weight increases the challenge and provides another level of mastery but safety should always be maintained.


SquatThis simple exercise can really be challenging by doing just a few repetitions. We recommend having a chair handy and using it to guide the motion. While standing with some space around you, lower yourself into a sitting position and then push up. If you are using a chair behind you, you can choose to actually sit down or to lower yourself to where you do not quite reach the chair before pushing back up into the standing position. You can space your legs at different distances apart from one another to variations to the difficulty, or hold weight as you squat, similar to the weight you held during the wall sit. Always do this exercise safely when it comes to your balance.


If you’re in an area where it is safe and responsible to do so, take a walk or a short run! If you’re in a crowded city center area, this might not be a viable part of your social distancing workout, but for a lot of us, we are able to get some fresh air, some vitamin D and some quality exercise by taking a walk or run. This is a great way to get some fresh air, get outside of the house to break a bad case of cabin fever, and is a great way to get some very helpful aerobic exercise.

If you are starting your fitness journey and would like a professional opinion/assessment, contact us today. All of Momentum’s clinics are open and seeing new/existing patients daily. Our team is making every effort to create a safe and sanitized environment. Even during these more challenging times, our goal is to get you healthy for life!