Staying healthy is about exercise AND nutrition. What we put in our bodies for fuel is just as important as how much we move. Keep those kids away from processed box meals and wrapped snacks, and fuel them with something homemade and ready to go when they need it. Time is always an important factor, especially for parents who work and need to take their kids to school. So these recipes are simple enough to prepare on the weekend or the night before and pack so that you’re not filling an already crazy morning schedule with meal prepping.


Grab and Go Cranberry Granola Bars

These snacks are great for kids on the go! Whether it’s after school, during lunch, or before sports practice- these bars have everything a kid needs to keep going. Don’t like cranberries? Not a problem! Substitute them with something you know they like. The important thing is to have something healthy, ready to go, right when they need it. When there is no plan, and no options, kids will go for the quickest thing they can grab (candy bars, soda, chips, etc.).

Turkey Wraps

Tired of sandwiches? Take lunch to a new level with wraps. You can pick up a tortilla of your choice, or get fancy and get some of the flavored tortillas, like spinach or bell pepper, and add your favorite sandwich ingredients. Turkey, cheese, lettuce, and tomato is a simple way to start out, and it’s a great food to hold in your hand and eat during a busy day. Try it as a dinner on the go, too.

Hearty Pancakes

Start their morning off right by giving them something they love, but with a healthier twist. Add applesauce instead butter to your pancakes to reduce the fat content, and some fruit or nuts of your choice are also a great addition. These options give the pancake some texture and a new flavor. Add a little syrup, if you’d like, and these pancakes will fill them up and get them out the door.

Oatmeal Cranberry Raisin Cookies

Enjoy the taste of a great cookie, but be comforted by knowing that this healthy alternative is far better than what you will find packaged at the store. Again, you can change out the cranberry or raisin, and put in something you love to keep those complex flavors going!

Zucchini Fries

Instead of chips, send your kiddo with something tasty, healthy, and delicious. These baked treats go great as a solo snack or paired with a sandwich. They don’t have all the fat that comes with frying a chip, and introducing your family to something like this sets them up to make healthier choices in the future.

Our goal is to get you healthy and keep you there. Whether it’s helping you through pain, or providing you with preventative options in your nutrition and active lifestyle, we love to see you do what you love.