We have all heard the familiar saying, knowledge is power. In this case, truer words have never been spoken. Whether you’re playing sports, enjoying a sport for your own health, or playing team sports with your office or friends, sports injuries are abound. As the weather starts to head to warmer temperatures, we’ll see a growing number of injuries that may have been prevented with some preventative steps.

Here are some great measures that you can put into place to prevent common sport injuries:

  • As is the case with any type of physical activity, it’s important to perform a warm-up prior to starting your activity. This helps to warm up the muscles and get the blood flowing.
  • Be sure to know how to learn how to play the sport or activity. Training properly is helpful in prevention.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel extreme fatigue set in, or you feel pain at any point during the game, you need to stop. “Pushing through” will get you nowhere.
  • Rest. Rest. Rest. It gives the body time to heal itself.
  • If your sport has equipment, be sure you’re wearing everything you should. It exists for a reason, so use it!

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