It’s that time of year again! The time when people from all backgrounds gather together surrounding the glow of the TV to watch football titans battle it out for supreme dominance in order to call themselves the champs of the NFL. Paired with such an event are recipes laden with fat, sodium, and flavor. C’mon, admit it- it all tastes so good and we want to eat everything. We’re not advocating that you avoid the gathering this weekend, but instead, we’re encouraging you to keep the party going, but with a slight twist to the normal faire that covers your tables.

What if we told you that you could reduce the fat, the sodium, and keep the flavor? Yep, and it’s all healthy! We know, it’s hard to believe, but we promise you that these five recipes we gathered from a few of our favorite sites are sure to not only wow your guests, but keep all of you from feeling bloated and regretting everything you ate when you go to bed Sunday night.

Healthy Snacks

Sweet Potato Skins -> VIEW RECIPE
Potato skins are a favorite at many parties. Baked skins covered in potatoes, cheese, bacon, butter, you get the idea. But this healthy alternative still keeps the flavors that will keep you coming back for more, while providing you with a less guilty snack to enjoy the game.

Boneless Buffalo Wings -> VIEW RECIPE
This is like a rite of passage for any sporting event. Entire competitions are held on the making of and the eating of the best wings. Take this favorite, put a twist on it, and when done right, your guests will worry less about why they aren’t the standard wings!

Broccomole -> VIEW RECIPE
We love avocados, but what if we told you we had an alternative to this dish? Now it’s not your run of the mill dip, but it maintains the color, consistency, and when flavored with the right spices, is just as amazing as it’s truer form. Yes, you can make this very dip with broccoli, and trust me, this dish will turn heads in surprise as they continue to add spoonfuls on their plate.

Southwestern Layered Dip -> VIEW RECIPE
Dips are the main attraction at any gathering, no matter what time of year. A good dip can go a long way to pleasing your guests and keeping them coming back for more. If you’re feeling fancy, try this layered dip offering up fresh, bold flavors and plenty of dietary fiber to keep you happy. Don’t be surprised if guests come to ask you for the recipe.

Zucchini Fries
Some parties prefer to offer up something more than chips, and the next logical step is fries. Now, fries can be tricky because there’s the natural fear of sogginess, too much oil, overcooking and burning the fries. Let’s remove those fears by offering up a healthy alternative. These zucchini fries still pack a punch in flavor while still satisfying the cravings for fries. Pair with a healthy dip, and you can’t go wrong!

Our goal is to get you healthy, but that should never mean you’re not having fun. Maintain your love and passion for your hobbies, only with a twist. Enjoy the big game, and may the best team win!