If you asked a therapist what Physical Therapy is, they would tell you it is the art and science of helping people get out of pain, get moving again, and get back to their lives. Physical therapists find the root source of your pain or symptoms and work on those symptoms with specifically targeted exercises, a variety of hands-on techniques known as manual therapy, and physical modalities like thermal agents (heat and ice), electrical agents, and ultrasound.  The purpose of these interventions is to heal damaged tissues, control and eliminate inflammation, restore mobility, and develop functional motor control which is the ability to move with coordination, control, and strength while avoiding reinjury.

Common symptoms that Physical Therapy can help:

Jaw Problems (TMJ)

Physical Therapy and Direct Access in Texas

Direct access means being a direct entry point into the health care system. A direct entry point into the health care system is someone that any person can simply walk in and see. Texas has a limited form of direct access to Physical Therapy.  Physical Therapists in Texas can evaluate patients without a referral but they need a referral from a doctor or other referral source in order to treat a patient.  Most patients come to us after seeing their doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or another medical professional.

What does this mean for you?

If you are having pain, ask your doctor if Physical Therapy is right for you. If you know somebody who is in pain ask if they have heard of or tried Physical Therapy. If you are in the San Antonio area, come to visit us at Momentum Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab and we will get you the help you need.