Have you met your annual insurance deductible? If you have, it’s a great time to come in to see your physical therapist!

Many people find that they can access physical therapy at low or no cost after their deductible has been met. Most deductibles reset on January 1st, so NOW is the time to take advantage of your access to physical therapy. Not sure if your deductible has been met? Check with your insurance provider OR call us and we will gladly check your benefits for you. Our team is here to help.

Not sure about coming to in-person physical therapy? Virtual telehealth visits are also available and many insurance providers are covering these at 100% with zero cost to the patient. In-home physical therapy through our Mobile PT program is now available as well. 

There’s no reason to spend another holiday in pain or feeling less than your best. We can give you the help you need to get back to living the life you love.  

Patients can now access physical therapy without a doctor’s referral, so call us today and ask about getting scheduled. Whether you have met your deductible, need to get tuned up before the holidays, or are experiencing pain of any kind, give us a call at (210) 888-1278 or request an appointment online to set up your session today!