For a lot of us, October means the start of cooler weather, tailgating and Halloween. It’s also National Physical Therapy Month, and this year the goal is to encourage people to choose physical therapy over opioid use. The American Physical Therapy Association wants to help spread public awareness that physical therapy is a safe alternative for pain management.

The importance and benefits of physical therapy are two topics Momentum works hard to share with its community.  Something words can not summarize is the miracles that happen every day when one of our patients finishes their treatment plan pain-free and more mobile than before. This is why our staff comes to work every day.

Our patients are our motivation to keep doing what we do.  The thousands of patients who have walked through our doors not knowing about physical therapy and have successfully finished their treatments resulting in a happier and healthier lifestyle, is our main priority. During their time with us, these same patients found healing and pain relief from a motivating, educating, and caring staff.

For us, National Physical Therapy Month is about celebrating the people who get back to living their lives pain-free and being honored to be the ones to help them get there! At Momentum, it’s National Physical Therapy Month every month and we welcome you to join us anytime pain or an injury prevents you from living your day to the fullest. Schedule a free pain assessment today by email or phone (210-888-1278) to start feeling better and moving easier!