Each day, people come to Physical Therapy (PT) after seeing their Medical Doctor (MD). While being routed to Physical Therapy is the right thing for many of them, the question we get from patients is ‘why do I have to see my doctor before coming to PT?’ The answer is simple. It’s the law in Texas.

A study published in September 2011 in the Journal of Health Services Research studied the costs and number of visits to physical therapy for orthopedic conditions and aimed to differentiate the outcomes when people see their physician first versus seeing the Physical Therapist first. The study revealed people who initiated treatment with a Physical Therapist first had 14% fewer visits and saved 13% of their money compared to those who saw their physician first.

40 other states allow consumers to begin physical therapy treatment without a referral. This means that 188 million Americans have better access to care than Texans. How do we change this law? We can do this by lobbying our lawmakers in Austin to improve our great state even better.

You can help yourself and your fellow Texans! Every Texan has an opportunity to create a better healthcare environment that will actually help save millions in healthcare dollars in our great state. Accessing physical therapy care first has been proven to save time and money!

Texas should be a leader in the healthcare arena, not the last one to give Texans a right they deserve. Let’s improve Texas healthcare now!

Sign this petition for direct access for physical therapy in Texas.

It is our right as Texans to enjoy the most freedom possible, even as it relates to healthcare. When it comes to better access to healthcare in Texas, I urge you all to “Come and Take It!”

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