Dizziness, fatigue, confusion, headache, nausea…these are all signs of heat stroke. Living in Texas, the weather can change from hour to hour, and those temperatures can climb before you know it. Add humidity on top of that and your body is being put through a real test as you step aside to run errands or exercise. You’ve heard people say it on the radio, your tv, and even your doctor, “drink water.” Water is vital to keeping your body cool, hydrated, and balanced in this hot weather. It’s easy to lose more water than you’re taking in IF you’re not hydrating yourself properly.

Some may call it life-changing, but hydration is just a part of life that we should all be taking seriously. Our team here works hard to keep you healthy for life, and hydration is just part of the process.

How vital is hydration? Here are a few key facts that we think are pretty big, and all it takes is more glasses of water in your day.

  • Proper hydration has been known to prevent certain types of cancer based on some research. “Staying hydrated can reduce colon cancer by almost 45%, bladder cancer by 45%, and could reduce breast cancer risks also,” according to articles on the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
  • Better moods and the ability to think clearer
  • Better performance because your muscles need hydration
  • Weight loss
  • Less joint pain
  • Cleaner body – because hydration flushes out more waste and bacteria
  • Less headaches
  • Clear skin

And these are just a few of the top reasons to stay hydrated, so you can see why water is so important to our bodies.

For those of you exercising in this hot summer weather, below is a graphic that can help you determine how much water and when it should be consumed prior, during, and after exercise.


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Infographic Credit: WaterCoolerDirect.com