Being well nourished is always a plus. It’s especially important when you are preparing to run. There are some folks who like to get in a meal before they run and some who just prefer a snack. Here are some tips about how and what to eat when you are getting ready for a run:

• James Collins, a sport and exercise nutritionist, puts it this way – if you prefer to get straight to your run after waking up, have a small snack with quick-releasing energy, like fresh fruit, nuts and seeds or a shake. If you have a hard time eating first thing, increase the carbs in your meal the night before to store in your muscles for the morning run.

• If you are an hour out before your run, suggests snacking on sweet potatoes. They are high in carbs and provide long-lasting energy for your run. One spud has 230 percent of your daily need for vitamin A, which is key for a strong immune system. The skin of the potato can help reduce belly fat when paired with exercise. A good snack closer to your run (15 – 30 minutes out) is an orange, which feeds your thirst and can replace collagen in muscle fibers that break down during exercise.

• U.S. News and World Report names high-fiber foods, high-fat foods and caffeine as three of the worst things you can eat before running, while deeming low-fiber fruits and veggies and refined carbs as safe pre-run foods. These will help to avoid gastrointestinal issues on the run.

Hydrating is also important. Drink 15 to 20 ounces of water one to two hours before running, and drink eight ounces 15 minutes before.