Momentum is here to help our clients and our community recognize and celebrate Black History Month this February. Read on to learn ways you can honor, appreciate and uphold the historic role of African Americans in U.S. history.

How To Intentionally Celebrate Black History Month

Black History Month wasn’t officially recognized until 1976, with many U.S. citizens woefully unaware of the relevance and depth of Black history. While it’s important to uplift members of the Black community every day, it’s helpful to know where to start. This guide is our contribution, giving you some ideas for how you can mindfully honor members of our community this month.

Learn About Important Black Figures And Their Contributions

From art and literature to medicine and politics, the history of our country has been shaped by the minds and actions of African Americans. Take time this month to learn about influential figures in your career field, or learn about someone new. Here at Momentum, we recognize the role that African Americans have made in the medical field – for without them, we would not be where we are today.

Read And Share Books Written By Black Authors

Expand your worldview and take the time to see events and people from another perspective. Whether you enjoy fiction, historical accounts or autobiographies, focus this month on reading works created by the Black community. And most importantly, talk about what you’ve read and pass those works along so others can experience them, too.

Support Local Black-Owned Businesses

While it’s important to support local and Black-owned businesses year-round, you can start now, in February. Choose a different retail shop, restaurant or other service provider this month and remember that actions speak louder than words. So spend your money like it matters – because it does.

Volunteer, Host A Fundraiser Or Donate To A Charity

Connect with a Black-led nonprofit to organize volunteer time or set up a fundraiser campaign. If you choose to donate this month, pick a charity that supports anti-racism equity and equality. Similar to choosing where to buy your products, where you donate your funds matters, too. Where you spend your time, energy and money reflect on the community, so do some good this month.

The Momentum Mission

This February, Momentum Physical Therapy wants to recognize Black History Month and express gratitude for the Black community’s historical and cultural contributions to our country. We believe our mission to practice integrity, compassion, respect and Christian morality brings us one step closer to paving the way to a more just future.