Like most things, it’s good to begin with the end in mind.

If you’re thinking about running, whatever the race may be, preparation is key.

Determine why you want to run in the first place. Training can take time, dedication and a lot of hard work. If you don’t have a clear vision and goal for why you want to run, whether a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full, you are less likely to stick with your training program when the times get tough.

Whether your goal is wanting to prove you can finish the physical challenge, trying to hit a competitive time or you’re running for a greater purpose (for a good cause or to benefit someone you know), you have to keep your motivating factor in mind during those times when everything in you wants to quit.

It will help ensure your success. Along these lines, it is often good to have a couple of goals, as most races don’t go exactly as planned. If you have a goals you’d like to achieve, you’re more likely to have a successful outcome if something unexpected comes up on the day of the big race.