We Need Your Help.

There has been a budget proposal pushed forward at the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS). This most recent change being proposed includes an 8% cut to Physical Therapy (PT) payments by CMS. PTs have already seen reduced payments by many insurers over the past few years and this additional proposed reduction is quite significant. When CMS makes a change, most other insurance providers take the same action shortly after. This change could negatively impact not only us at Momentum but PT clinics across the nation. PT has been proven to be effective at relieving so many problems, the last thing we need to do is make it harder to come to PT.

This change is not final yet. This is where you can help.

There is a comment period at CMS that ends on September 27th. We ask that you take a few minutes to submit your comments to CMS. If CMS hears from enough people in the country, perhaps we can help stop this proposed change.

Click this link from the APTQI website and follow the prompts to submit a comment to CMS.


Our plea is that we don’t take this sitting down. We need to stand up together and have our voices heard.

Thank you,

Momentum Physical Therapy