With this week’s kickoff of the NFL season, Fantasy Football team owners everywhere are wondering how much playing time the Minnesota Viking’s star running back, Adrian Peterson, will get after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament last season. No doubt about it…Peterson is a top-notch athlete, and he has worked extremely hard in physical therapy to get ready for this year’s season. While Peterson says he feels ready physically and mentally, all indications are that his participation in Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars will be a game-time decision.

Adrian Peterson Is A Game Time Decision

This article written by the Los Angeles Times states that Adrian Peterson’s status is going to be a game time decision.

Whether Peterson plays in this week’s season opener or not, you have to admire how quickly athletes in general are coming back from an injury that would have been career-ending several decades ago. While the anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is still a major procedure, advancements in medical science and technology continue to give athletes hope for quicker recoveries and better long-term results. Check out the article below if you’re interested in learning more about how improvements in technology are getting athletes back on the field faster.

News On New ACL Reconstruction Surgery

The dreaded torn ACL is an all-too-common injury among athletes. Green Bay Packers’ Alex Green and Andrew Quarless suffered the season-ending injury last year. But with new ACL reconstruction methods, highlighted in this article, recovery times from this knee injury are shorter!

Despite the incredible advancements in medical science, we at Momentum Physical Therapy work day-in/day-out with a number of professional athletes, and we know how hard Peterson has worked to get back to this point. We know the countless, painful hours he has put into physical therapy, and we respect his work ethic to get back on the field so quickly.

No matter who you “root” for, you have to acknowledge a job well done! Momentum Physical Therapy wishes Adrian Peterson a healthy, productive year, as he returns from his anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction.