The team at Momentum Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab wanted to share this great article, written by Lyneil Mitchell, DPT.

“Try PT First!

I know we are all looking for ways to save money. Many of us are also aware of the rising health care costs($1.4 Trillion currently), effecting us both individually and nationally. PT might be the savior! Going to PT first saves!

A study published in September 2011 in the Journal of Health Services Research studied the costs and number of visits to physical therapy for orthopedic conditions and aimed to differentiate the outcomes when people see their physician first versus seeing the Physical Therapist first. The study revealed people who initiated treatment with a Physical Therapist first had 14% fewer visits and saved 13% of their money compared to those who saw their physician first.
Currently, even lay people realize that taking antipyretic (anti – fever), antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications do not fix the cause of the problem, only masking the symptoms. PT’s get to the cause of the problem and start treatments immediately. This allows people to get better faster and save money. If you see your primary care physician first for a musculoskeletal injury, it may be weeks of visits to an orthopedic and trips to the MRI centers to only end up back in the place you should have started.

People are becoming empowered, are able to make better decisions and are better consumers. Every day you can see wellness on the rise. Restaurants are adding healthier alternatives to their menus. There are more exercise facilities than ever. More vitamins and supplements are being glorified in mainstream advertising. People now have the option to choose how they want to consume their healthcare as well. Choosing a PT first is a wise and wellness oriented decision. If you are experiencing an ache or pain, PT’s have the answer. Do yourself and the economy a favor and call your PT to schedule an evaluation. You will get better faster, get rid of the cause of your problem and also save money. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Try PT First!”

(Author: Lyneil Mitchell, DPT)

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