Mobile devices have become a way of life for many of us. For many, we can’t remember what life was like before the days of mobile devices. Now many of us are online all the time, receiving streams of data, content, messages, and alarms, all for the sake of “staying connected.” This phenomenon has not been overlooked by the industry at large as they work to find ways to get us to use their mobile applications more, integrating them into all we do. Some of the apps provide value, others….not so much.

Health Apps You Should Download

The latest iPhones with the new iOS 8 update have introduced the Health app, and with that, the HealthKit, that developers are using to build health apps that connect to our phones. These health apps track everything from movement, calories burned, your weight, even sleep habits. So let’s dive in!

UP – Apple iPhone / Android

The latest version of this app works on iPhone 5S or 6 and allows you to track your steps, sleep, and food intake. You can connect with friends and compare data each day. The app allows you to set up alerts to remind you about your next exercise opportunity, monitor your data, and more. The whole goal of the app is to “unlock a new you.” The UP Tracker is required but pairs nicely with mobile devices and measures everything you do in a day.

Some features that users enjoy include the Smart Coach, which acts as a digital partner in all you do. The “coach” helps you make better decisions and helps you understand the data you’re capturing so it all makes more sense to you. Another feature is the team feature where you connect with others using the app and work together to achieve your goals. While the “coach” feature educates you on what you’re doing, the team feature allows you to cheer one another on and track one another. Accountability is always key!

MyFitnessPal – Apple iPhone / Android

If you’re looking for a more in-depth app, MyFitnessPal fits the bill. The app can measure your food intake boasting a database of over 4M food items, a barcode scanner and even a recipe calculator to manage what you make. The app also has approximately 350 exercises in its database with the ability to create custom workouts that you can save and use later. You can set goals, connect with friends and view reports on your progress. This is definitely the route to go for the biggest deep dive on your way to getting healthy.

MotionX 24/7 Sleeptracker – Apple iPhone

Getting fit is more than just tracking your workouts and food, how about the sleep you’re getting? Many will say that sleep is one of the biggest factors to getting healthy. Many of us suffer from lack of sleep, vital time the body needs to heal, rebuild, and refresh itself.

The 24/7 Sleeptracker has been featured in The New York Times and ABC News as an app that has helped a lot of people understand how they sleep and make necessary changes. The app can measure how much you move at night, record snoring and other sleep sounds, and even wake you up at the optimal time so you feel refreshed as possible.

7 Minute Workout – Apple iPhone / Android

One of the biggest hurdles for anyone that wants to start a workout routine is the “not enough time” excuse. We say that a lot when it comes to fitness. We don’t have enough time in the morning because we’re in a rush, we don’t have enough time at night because we’re making dinner, working late, or the gym is closed. You started off with the best of intentions, but now it’s a promise that you never keep to yourself.

This is where 7 Minute Workout comes in. Surely in our busy schedules we can find seven minutes to work out. In the morning, in the afternoon, or in the evening the workouts are easy to follow. The app outlines all the workouts with video and text descriptions, provides a timer for each exercise, and a voice prompt to start a new exercise. All this is perfect for the person who has no time, but still wants to get a heart pumping exercise in for the day.

Now Is Always A Good Time To Get Healthy

No matter which of the health apps you decide to go with, or if you choose to not go with an app, it’s important to start something. Our team is dedicated to getting you back to what you love to do, so be sure to keep moving to stay healthy.

If you have plans on staying healthy, take it one day at a time and let us know how you’re doing. Send us a photo of yourself doing what you love, perhaps your story can serve as inspiration and motivation for another. We’re a community that is made stronger by cheering one another on!