It’s important for a physically active body to achieve a stable balance between each active joint for maximum performance. In order for all of this to happen, ankle mobility is essential and is the root for several exercises or workouts. Building strength and creating an awareness about ankle mobility will help prevent injury and improve your performance. Here are a few tips to improve ankle mobility and keep your ankles healthy.

  • Calf Raises: Calf raises are a great exercise that involves movement in your ankles. Try it out: Lift yourself up on your toes 15 times – or until your ankles and calves get tired. This will strengthen the muscles in your lower leg, foot and ankles, therefore increasing mobility.
  • Hopping: Hopping is very simple and will increase the elasticity in your ankles. Try it out: Stand on your right leg and hop forwards, sideways and backwards 10-30 times. Then switch and repeat with your left foot. Believe it or not simply hopping from side to side will slowly start to increase ankle mobility.
  • Squat on your tiptoes: Stand straight with your feet flat on the ground and drop into a normal squat. As you rise, come up on your tippy toes, and continue to do squats while standing on your tiptoes. This will improve your balance and strengthen your ankles.
  • The ABC’s: Using your ankle, “write” the letters of the alphabet. While sitting down, cross your left leg over your right as you rest your left calf on your right thigh. Trace the letters of the alphabet with your foot, and then switch to your other one. Don’t worry, it doesn’t require you to sing along… that’s up to you!

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