Celebrations aren’t the same without the food. While you may be worried about your waistline, we encourage you to keep celebrating in 2016, but make a change in what you consume. We’ve got some healthy party recipes that we think you will love and chances are, if you take it to a party, no one will be able to tell the difference!

4 Healthy Party Recipes

These healthy party recipes are sure to please, so bypass the supermarket pre-made section, and put your kitchen skills to good use by setting some time aside and trying these out.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Many of us are familiar with these bread and cheese-filled mushrooms that when baked become a gooey mess, dripping with butter. While that may have you salivating, we promise these versions will make you just as happy and the upside is that they are good for you. With some finely chopped zucchini, spinach, hazelnuts and some Parmesan cheese, these baked goodies will be hard to resist.

Spicy Date, Apple, and Cheese Dip
Dips are the epitome of any party. From the Big Game in January, to Fourth of July parties, to the backyard BBQs we all know and love, there’s just something that we love about dips and New Year’s Eve is no exception! This sweet dip is baked and very aromatic. While it may be great for fruits AND vegetables, don’t be surprised if this dip turns heads and keeps people coming back for more.

Potato Skins w/ Smoked Salmon
We all know the regular variety of potato skins, smothered in bacon, cheese, chives, and sour cream. Turn it around with this recipe that keeps the flavor you love, but adds a whole new dimension with smoked salmon. Skip the deep fryer for this one and bake off the skins with a little EVOO and then fill with some sour cream, salmon, and fresh dill. Hungry yet?

Indian Spiced Party Mix
Skip the chips and switch it out with this sure hit! This party mix has kick to it and will get people talking and coming back for more. It’s a simple mix of walnuts and other snack bites with some Indian curry paste. It’s a lot easier than you think- give it a try.

Planning A Healthy New Year

As we go into 2016, chances are many people are already making fitness resolutions, planning new careers, adding onto a growing family, and a number of life events that tend to happen from year to year. The recipes above are fun, healthy, and full of flavor. If you try them out, let us know on Facebook how they turned out. You can still have a great party, even if you’re serving healthy party recipes. Trust us!

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