At Momentum Physical Therapy, a top priority of ours is to ensure that we offer the highest quality treatment to all of our patients. To do this, we offer and encourage continuing education to our clinical staff so that they have the opportunity to learn the best physical therapy practices available. Momentum also invests resources in its leadership, in order to ensure that all of our clinics are led and directed with all of our patient’s care in mind.

Most recently our CEO and VP of Public Relations went through some of the city’s top leadership training programs to bring that experience and information back to the company. The two programs attended were Leadership San Antonio (LSA) and the Alex Briseno Leadership Development Program (ABLDP). We wanted to share some of their experiences with our readers so that they can get a small piece of what their thoughts were on going through these programs and what it means to them.

Thoughts from Steven Alaniz, CEO

Why did you feel it necessary to expand your leadership development, and what would you like to do now that you’re done?

It’s important to improve and continue to develop leadership because I have a responsibility to the staff I serve and the patients we serve. I always need to continue to work on myself in order to be better for the people I serve. I will say that learning is great, but if you spend too much time learning, then your dedication to learning and improving yourself personally may move from benefiting the people you serve to only benefiting yourself. That doesn’t make sense to me. So, I always try to make sure that I spend most of my time serving others in many capacities but always leave room in my schedule to continue to improve myself for those people. Since I finished LSA, I am now focused on applying what I learned in my current role and in a new position as Chairman of the Board at Transplants for Children, a local non-profit I have served for the last few years.

What are some key takeaways from your time in LSA, ABLDP, or both?

Both programs made me more self aware about the city and community I live in and what responsibility I have to contribute to the community. LSA taught me more about all the city’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats across all industries. It also taught me about how relationships are so important to getting things done. I have made some lifelong friends.

How will your team benefit from having gone through this experience?

I have often shared the information I learned but also approach things differently because of the things I learned through both the ABLDP program and LSA program. I hope to be a better leader as I serve my team members.

Thoughts from Melinda Holbrook, VP of Public Relations

Why did you feel it necessary to expand your leadership development and what would you like to do now that you’re done?

I feel that continuing to grow in your leadership skills is something you owe to the team you lead. As you continue to grow, your leadership gets more finesse and you’re a more effective leader and that enhances the work life of your team. Now that I’ve finished ABLDP, I am looking into other programs/organizations I can become involved with so that I can keep a finger on the pulse of the communities we serve. My goal is to is to assist our team in expanding our reach to the community all while continuing to offer our patients the best physical therapy experience in the nation.

How has the program with the city helped you define who you are and your role where you work?

Working with other upcoming leaders in the city has allowed me to become more involved in actions that benefit the communities we serve and it also has allowed me to share with others the passion I share for bettering the health of the city. Participating in this program allowed me to share all of the reasons I am in health care. My class did their best every day knowing that everything they do each day is an opportunity to help one more person. Every person that receives help then acts as an epicenter of positive change around them and they are able to be a positive impact in other’s lives around them.

Why do you think it’s so important for this programs to exist in the city?

We must continue to push our community and leaders to grow and innovate so that we are a place that attracts young entrepreneurs and big companies that can put money and opportunities into our economy and boost growth.