Unfortunately, elbow pain caused from Little League Elbow is something we see all too frequently in physical therapy. With the start of the Little League World Series, we felt it was the perfect time to shed some light on what causes Little League Elbow, as well as to discuss some ways to prevent it.

Below are some great articles that discuss the prevention and treatment of elbow pain caused from Little League Elbow:

The Mechanicville Mile » Keeping an eye out for Little League Elbow …: Little League baseball can provide local children and families with enjoyable, educational experiences while instilling athletic and life principles and developing skills like teamwork and patience. Little League helps build 

Little League Elbow: APTA educates consumers about the role of physical therapy in preventing and managing Little League Elbow.

The articles above give some great information on the prevention and treatment of elbow pain due to Little League Elbow. Just remember, as with many things…prevention is the key to avoiding elbow pain from Little League Elbow.