National Bike Month is a month where we celebrate our other set of wheels, our bikes. It is not only great for our communities, it’s better for our health. While it’s not best for everyone, there is National Bike to Work Week, where those that can, commute to work via bike. It’s a fun experience that builds community amongst cyclists, preserves your health, and allows for exploration in your city that you don’t experience when you’re in a car.

Prior to the start of the month of May, you can find many resources that provide you insight on bike riding in your city. Some may offer free classes to learn rules of the road, and in some cases, you can find resources to get helmets and bike lights for increased safety. It’s important to know that when you’re on a bike, you must observe the rules of the road to prevent injury to yourself or others on the road with you. But don’t let fear rule you, learn all you can, equip yourself with the proper gear and get out the door!

Why Should You Get Started?

Besides the above mentioned benefits of taking part in National Bike Month, it’s good to know that biking also offers these additional benefits:

  • High calorie burn (great for fitness and overall health)
  • You work a lot of muscles when you bike ride
  • Boosts your energy
  • A great exercise alternative to running

Cycling is a great family experience, too. So go out with your spouse, your kids, or your friends from work. Our goal is to encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle long after your physical therapy is over. It’s not just about getting over the pain, it’s about getting you healthy for life and keeping you that way.