The beginning of the year brings about thoughts on resolutions, change and novelty. It’s a time for getting recharged and reinvigorated. Whether your goals are fitness-related or just something that will make you better, it’s important that you keep them going.

Here are ways to make sure your resolutions aren’t broken through the year:

Set realistic goals: If you set an unrealistic goal like, “I’ll lose 20 pounds in two weeks,” you’re setting yourself up for failure. Think about ways that you can make your fitness better, like “I’ll walk one mile every day,” which you can scale up or down depending on your level of fitness. Make new realistic and measurable goals when you achieve your initial goals.

Find meaning in your resolution: Make sure you believe in the promise you are making or goal you are setting. If you are just throwing out a resolution to think of something to achieve in the new year, it probably won’t hold as much clout in your own mind. Think of something that connects with your passions and daily wellness.

Remind yourself of the positives, not the deprivations: Don’t remind yourself what you are missing out on, but rather, remind yourself of the things you are accomplishing and getting by reaching for and making your goals and resolutions happen.

What resolutions have you set for the year? Go forth, and achieve them by taking these steps and others that will make you better every day.

If getting healthy is one of your resolutions, ask your doctor to refer you to Momentum Physical Therapy!