Read our exclusive interview with Momentum Physical Therapy’s Laura Ensminger

Tell us about your journey so far with Momentum PT!

I started working for Momentum right out of PT school as a part-time PT in Live Oak while I studied for my PT board exams. I quickly went full time and was able to work my way up to director of the La Vernia clinic. Since then, I have earned a promotion to direct both La Vernia and Live Oak. It’s been really cool to come full circle and have a presence where I started my journey with Momentum. I have a love for physical therapy and operations, so being able to combine the two has been so fun!
I have been with Momentum through some big life events – getting married and having a baby girl. They have been so supportive through everything. I love working here and the family connection I feel with coworkers!

What’s your favorite thing about being a PT?

I absolutely love getting patients to do things they never thought they could do again. One of my favorite examples is watching my patient walk when he had been in a wheelchair for over a year.

Any favorite or funny memories at a Momentum clinic?

I had made a homemade cake for a PT’s birthday a couple years ago. I walked in the break room only to find my coworkers pranking me by cutting a square out of the middle because they knew it would drive me crazy!

Tell us a fun, PT-related fact about you.

I like to attend the American Physical Therapy Association conference with my mom, who is also a PT. We get to bond while doing our continuing education.

Tell us a fun, non-PT-related fact about you.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do!