The holiday season is here! With the joy of family, friends, parties, and gifts, we also recommend managing holiday stress to keep yourself healthy. Below are a few ways to help you manage the stress part of the holidays so that your days can be merry and bright!

Exercise is a great way to get the blood going while at the same time keeping you healthier. While you’re walking, running, or riding a bike, you are left to your own thoughts, and many times, that’s where we can solve many problems, finding solutions to the things that are on our minds. At the same time we are out moving, we’re releasing that stress, so by the end of our workout, there’s little effort left in us to worry. Using exercise is a great outlet for stress and we highly recommend that you find yourself 30-60 minutes a day to keep moving.

Getting Rest
Lack of sleep can keep the body on edge and in a tired mind-set. Planning a routine to get plenty of sleep gives the mind and the body time to reset, giving you a fresh start the following day. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep is what is advised, so no matter what is stressing you, find the time to rest, relax, and reset.

Put Yourself First
During the holidays it’s not uncommon to do so much for others. Tis the season, right? While doing for others is admirable, it’s important not to go overboard, so much so that you forget yourself. It’s important to treat yourself with something you love, whether it’s a gift, a trip to the spa, or a small road trip, whatever will fuel your soul and bring you some happiness.

Whatever makes you laugh, do it! We forget to laugh so often, but in times of stress it’s more important than ever. Whether it’s watching movies, reading books, or getting together with friends and family; find time to laugh and just let it all out. Laughter has been known to activate different parts of the brain that allow you to breathe a little easier and relax a bit. So do you know any good jokes? Managing holiday stress has never been easier.

Ask For Help
Too often we go it alone. We all have our limits and it’s important to know that sometimes we just need to reach out to someone close to us to help us alleviate the stress that’s building up. Asking for help is never a bad thing. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, ask for the help you need and get help with the burden you’re carrying. Sometimes two heads truly are better than one, so go ahead, ask away. We give you permission.

Go Tech Free
Nothing is more stressful nowadays than living in a connected world. It all adds up- voicemails, text messages, Facebook messages, social posts, 24/7 news, and all that these entail can create a kind of stress that can easily be disconnected. It’s important to remember the real world and real people sometimes. Disconnecting can free up some time to start a hobby, talk to old friends, get out of your home, or enjoy a night of peace and quiet.

Managing Holiday Stress

Take heed of some of these suggestions we offered for managing holiday stress. No matter what time of year it is, these tips can work no matter what. Remember that stress can truly cause your body harm and set you back from what you love to do.

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