Tell us about your journey so far with Momentum PT!

My journey with Momentum PT has been all about timing. I first interviewed with Momentum right after graduating PT school and loved the company and atmosphere from the start! I decided to take a different opportunity but Momentum made such an impact on me that I remained in contact with the company’s CEO, Steve Alaniz. Steve and I would check in with each other every few months but the timing never seemed to fit with both parties. In the spring of 2021 I finished studying for/taking my OCS (Orthopedic Clinical Specialist) board exam and was looking for an opportunity to be back in the orthopedic setting. Around that time, Steve reached out to me about an opening as a full time physical therapist at Momentum. The timing was finally perfect!

In May 2021 I started as a full time physical therapist at Momentum’s Medical Center location and was promoted to clinic director at that clinic right before my one year anniversary with the company. It is exciting to now be in a leadership position at the company I had my first professional interview with! Timing really is everything. I believe that if it is meant to happen, it will happen at the right time and for the right reasons.

Why should patients come to Momentum vs other physical therapy clinics in the area?

All of the clinicians at Momentum believe in the importance of personalized patient care and that every patient has a unique experience that brought them to physical therapy. We believe in getting to the cause of the issue to create long-term success and not just a quick fix. As a patient, you can expect a safe and supportive atmosphere where you are provided with individualized treatment plans, consistency of care by primarily one therapist, and support throughout your entire care to ensure that you are constantly moving towards long-term benefits. Once your PT, always your PT!

Any favorite or funny memories at Momentum?

This past Easter one of the therapists hid over 50 Easter eggs around the Medical Center clinic but then forgot where she hid all of them (…pregnancy brain). It is over a month later and we are still finding easter eggs in random spots around the clinic…but I am not sure I trust the candy inside them anymore…

Tell us a fun, PT-related fact about you.

I graduated with my doctorate at 24 years old, finished my orthopedic residency at 26 years old and became a board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist at 27 years old.

Tell us a fun, non-PT-related fact about you.

I recently completed my 13th half-marathon! But no, I do not love running…I just love carbs 🙂