team member Steven Alaniz
"I want to provide the latest proven physical therapy treatment methods and give all patients an understandable explanation of their diagnosis and treatments."

Steven Alaniz



Continued learning is an integral part of a healthy life, both personal and professional. Physical Therapists, as well as all other healthcare providers, have a responsibility to continually improve and update their knowledge so they are able to provide the most effective treatments. Learning by personal experience, attending relevant continuing education classes and staying current with new research articles are ways to add to a foundation. I have a responsibility to all patients to provide the best care possible and to make their experience in therapy an enjoyable one.


A as a high school football player in Texas, I was not the person with the largest body frame. What I lacked in size, I made up in attitude and intensity. This combination had often led to me being in the training room, quite often due to some nagging injuries. I still remember the first time I observed a Physical Therapist. She was treating a high school athlete that had the exact same injury I had the previous year that kept me off the field for over four weeks. He was the same age, almost identical in our physical build and abilities, and because he added PT to his treatments, he was back on the field after only ten days! It was at that moment I knew I wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy so that I could provide the same great experiences to other people to improve their lives. Since becoming a PT I have directly and indirectly helped thousands of people improve their quality of life. I do not think seeing someone’s response to getting better will ever get old. It is exciting every time!


I have lived in San Antonio for most of my life. I only moved away for a short period of time for school, but came back to the community I call home. Living, working and spending your money in the community is good. But if each person only does those things, that is not enough to make the community the best it can be. Doing things to improve the community are really what make a person a part of a community. I choose to serve my community by serving on the Board at a local non-profit called Transplant for Children, serving on multiple committees at the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and by making financial contributions to numerous local charities and non-profits. I believe every person in a community has a responsibility to actively serve the community in order to make it better. Any person can contribute to their community. Time, talent, or treasure: How do you want to contribute?


Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
MPT: Master of Physical Therapy, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock, TX
BS: Bachelor of Science, Biology, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, TX
MEMBER: American Physical Therapy Association, Texas Physical Therapy Association, UTSA Alumni Association, TTUHSC Alumni Association