team member John Malfer
"Treating a patient as a whole person and not just the injured area will allow them to return to all of their previous activities more quickly and safely."

John Malfer



A well-rounded education is important in providing quality physical therapy. I initially had an interest in physical therapy when I injured my knee in high school and had to attend physical therapy after a major operation. I realized that physical therapy was not only a physical process but a retraining of the psyche. I originally received my degree in Psychology but continued my education by simultaneously completing physical therapy school and my certification in athletic training. Using all three degrees, I feel that I can treat the whole patient and not just the area that is injured. Returning a patient to all of his or her normal activities, whether it’s sports, work or everyday life, is the ultimate goal in the treatment of my patients.


I began my professional career in Kansas City, where I worked for a small outpatient physical therapy clinic. I move to San Antonio in 1995 to continue my career as a director of physical therapy at a large outpatient clinic. After 13 years of practice, I realized that quality patient care was not the main concern of the company with which I was employed. I wanted to start my own clinic but did not know where to start. Consequently, I went back to school to pursue an MBA to learn the intricate details of running a business. After meeting Chad Elms, my business partner, Momentum Physical Therapy was started in December 2003 for the purpose of providing the highest quality of physical therapy available through one-on-one care.


After moving to San Antonio, I was given the privilege to travel with the San Antonio Spurs basketball team in 1998 and work with the athletes on a regular basis. I have guest-lectured at the Health Science Center physical therapy program and multiple sports medicine seminars. I have volunteered for the San Antonio Ballet, the WWF, UTSA athletics, the San Antonio Rampage and the San Antonio Missions. Whether it is helping area students or area athletes, these activities afford me the ability to give back to a community that has given so much to me.


Licensure in Physical Therapy: Texas State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners
PT: Bachelor of Health Science in Physical Therapy, University of Missouri at Columbia, MO
MBA: Master of Business Administration, Troy State University, Troy, AL