What does FAAOMPT stand for?

Becoming a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT) is a membership classification and a professional credential. The “Fellow” is a physical therapist who has demonstrated advanced clinical, analytical, and hands-on skills in the treatment of musculoskeletal orthopedic disorders and is internationally recognized for their competence and expertise in the practice of manual physical therapy.

The AAOMPT is a professional organization of physical therapists whose mission is to serve its members by promoting excellence in orthopedic manual physical therapy practice, education, research, and to collaborate with national and international associations.

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy is any “hands-on” treatments such as moving a joint in a specific direction and at different speeds to regain movement (joint mobilization and manipulation), muscle stretching, passive movements of the affected body part, and selected soft tissue techniques used to improve the mobility and function of tissue and muscles. Orthopedic manual physical therapists treat conditions in body regions like the head, neck, back, arms and legs. Advanced examination, communication, and decision-making skills that are built on the foundations of professional and scientific education facilitate the provision of effective and efficient care.